If Summer Was A Sound New Album Out Now - GoldFish

If Summer Was A Sound New Album Out Now

“If Summer Was A Sound” captures the essence of summer through a sonic journey, evoking salty sea breezes, sunsets on the beach, and how music has the superpower to take the listener to a special time and place in their lives. Drawing inspiration from their love for the ocean as avid surfers, GoldFish masterfully combine their signature saxophone leads, warm pianos, and organic acoustic elements with carefully curated electronic beats, crafting a sound that is uniquely their own.

True to their reputation as boundary-pushing artists, GoldFish has collaborated with a diverse and impressive lineup of renowned artists that they have met from their travels around the globe. From Australian legend Xavier Rudd and Los Angeles electronic upstarts Laszewo to UK-based multi-instrumentalist sensation Youngr and Rio-based duo Cat Dealers, the album features an exceptional range of talent. Staying true to their African roots, the duo also worked with long-time collaborators Sakhile Moleshe and Max Vidima, and other artists include a United Nations of electronic music talent: Malou,Julia Church, Dubdogz, Luisah, The Palms, Bruno Be, Dena Williams, Carstn, Anna Graceman, and Keanan Eksteen are all featured across this 22 track offering.

“If Summer Was A Sound” embodies the quintessential GoldFish experience, blending uplifting chord progressions, cheeky samples, and driving beats with masterful songwriting and production. This album is a testament to Dom and Dave’s unwavering dedication to their craft, showcasing their mastery in every track – ranging from downtempo to high-energy house music. With this album, they solidify their position at the pinnacle of their career, captivating their long-time fans and inviting new listeners to experience the magic that is GoldFish

Listen here: https://streamlink.to/ifsummerwasasoundalbum