All you need to know about of our new track Jazz Club (our collaboration with Dubdogz!) - GoldFish

All you need to know about of our new track Jazz Club (our collaboration with Dubdogz!)

1. How was it to produce this track with Dubdogz? Tell us the details.

We’ve always been fans of the Dubdogz and they just have a knack for making incredible dance floor smashers.

Lucas and Marcos are legends and really easy-going which made it really fun to produce the track together. We felt like friends within minutes. And I think there is a lot in common with us both being production duos. There’s a sixth sense that kicks in when you’re brothers – or musical brothers. It was really fun working together and I think this track lends itself to our personalities.

We had this idea:  Welcome to our Jazz Club – because we come from a Jazz background and love that style and now perform electronic music. It was a cool clash of genres. Jazz was the ‘Dance Music’ of its time.

It seemed like the perfect match to join Dubdogz’s production style with our jazzy instruments and turn this idea into a killer dance floor bomb!

2. This is your first musical production with Dubdogz, after playing together at Green Valley in 2019. Can we expect more projects from you guys together?

That was an incredible night at Green Valley’s Birthday in 2019, actually, ANY night at Green Valley is incredible…but this one was extra special.  It was awesome to meet up with the Dubdogz (and Chemical Surf who were also playing) for the first time. The way Jazz Club has come out makes us think it would be super cool to make some more tracks together.

3. What are your favourite elements of “Jazz Club”? Describe the sound of the song.

Jazz Club should be seen as a throwback to the roaring 1920s scene 100 years’s the roaring 2020s!

4. Is there a message behind the single?

This song is just FUN. It’s a “tongue in cheek” mashup of musical styles…and it shows that music genres don’t matter as much as we sometimes approach them. We can all co-exist no matter the genre – or anything else.

5. Were there any challenges in this production? Or any curiosity?

When you’re smashing two very different styles together like this it’s definitely a challenge to ‘tell the story as well as keep the dance floor energy going. I think we pulled it off.

6. A message for the Brazilian fans that can’t wait for your return here

Brazil is definitely one of our favourite places in the world to perform – so we are always looking for opportunities to return…stay tuned for something exciting in June 2022.