Moonwalk Away: New deep mixes - GoldFish

Moonwalk Away: New deep mixes

Due to the massive response this track has received at live shows and online we decided to put together a remix package with some of our favourite remixers: Alle Farben, Lexer….and ourselves ;). The essence of this super chilled track harks back to Goldfish’s first forays into electronic music that was Caught in the loop. Available on iTunes here (USA and Canada 27 May on iTunes and on Beatport)

Moonwalk away – EP by Goldfishlive

How the remixes came about:

Moonlanding mix:

This mix we did ourselves at first just to perform live at our shows however it worked so well we decided to finish it up and add it to this package. One lonely night Dom was noodling around with the track and had the bright spark idea of adding some voice recordings from the moon landing footage from the 60’s, turns out it was a moment of genius as it elevated the track into a new stratosphere (!). This in turn led to the video concept which incorporates some of the moonlanding footage from Nasa as well as epic timelapse recordings of African landscapes into a beautiful watching experience (Launching 26 May 2014)


We met Lexer one dark night in Paris shortly before hitting the Zigzag club with Bakermat, Lexer, Goldfish etc… as you can imagine it was a night of epic proportions, or if you can’t imagine head over to Paris one day for a show they generally only get going around 2am and rock until at least 7am. The Parisians sure know how to party to Organic house music.

After hearing Lexers great deep set we knew he we had to get him to onboard for a Moonwalk away remix. And you know what they say “what happens in Paris goes on Soundcloud”.

(Lexer has his own new single coming out on 26 May 2014 check it out here )

Alle Farben:

Being huge fan’s of Alle Farben mostly due to his really top notch 4 hour mixes that he has a habit of posting online we decided it this was the right track to approach him for a remix. He was keen and a few weeks later it was underconstruction. Pretty good going considering he was in the process of releasing his new album Synthesia (which has just been signed to Sony!). In return we did a remix for him of his first single She moves Featuring Graham Candy.

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