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Meet Goldfish Surfboard


Introducing the Funnest Summer Board ever made. A creative collaboration between Goldfish and internationally renowned surfboard shaper, Spider Murphy.

Whether you’re a big wave hell raiser suffering the small wave summer blues, learning to surf or just a mellow cat who likes to occasionally get his shred on, the ‘GOLDFISH’ is your ultimate summer surf companion. It is buoyant and stable, catches waves easily and offers surprising performance when needed.

The GOLDFISH is the collaborative brainchild of Dom and Dave and the legendary surfboard shaper, Spider Murphy.
‘We’re super stoked to have this opportunity to make a board with a legend like Spider. Anyone in the surf world knows Spider is one of the best Surfboard shapers on the planet so we knew our ideas for a super fun retro surfboard was in the best possible hands. Surfing goes hand in hand with our music and this board is a representation of what Goldfish is all about – the ultimate cruiser, something everyone can ride and instantly have a smile on your face. Catches waves like a longboard and the double wing adds to the retro feel-good vibes. It goes like the clappers and it’s the perfect board for Summer!

Sporting a high polish finish and a distinctive design, the GOLDFISH is available with a multi fin set up and can be ridden as both a conventional fish styled twin-fin as well as a more performance based thruster. If you are staring down the long barrel of summer wondering how you are regain your mojo then check out the GOLDFISH!

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R300 of every board sale will be donated to Surf Development in South Africa

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