Woman’s a devil by Goldfish - Goldfish - Electronic Duo

Woman’s a devil by Goldfish

In the end you’re just a friend weʼll take it day by day
No secret wink no just one drink itʼs coffee all the way
If a restaurant is what you want only then Iʼll play along
Letʼs do this dance youʼve got one chance, Iʼm a sucker for a song
A pretty dress, a leopard vest, oh if you ask me too
Iʼll put them on, Iʼll play along pretend its all for you
But one wrong move if I disapprove you know you’re going to pay
Thatʼs just a fact itʼs not an act Iʼve always been this way

That woman was a devil that devil stole my heart
And now sheʼs gone forever weʼll always be apart

If two by two is what you do then climb up on this ark
The animals are seeking thrills in an amusement park
We’ll stow away and watch them play until the sun begins
To set the scene, youʼre in a dream surrounded by the fins
The men in grey will have their way as they are closing in
You canʼt figure out how to get out or how I sucked you in
You rolled the dice my heart is ice thereʼs nothing I can say
Thatʼs just a fact itʼs not an act Iʼve always been this way

(Written by David Poole and Dominic Peters)


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