LISTEN NOW to Goldfish – Deep Of The Night ft Diamond Thug - GoldFish

LISTEN NOW to Goldfish – Deep Of The Night ft Diamond Thug

“We’re all seeking inspiration to create something great, but you never know when it will strike – it could be in the deep of the night”

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Goldfish return with their unique style of Organic House and the release of their brand new single: Deep Of The Night Feat. Diamond Thug.

It all started with Goldfish driving home from late evening surf in their home city of Cape Town, casually listening to the radio and serendipitously stumbling across a first, and what turned out to be only – play on air of a new band called Diamond Thug.

Immediately captured by the lead singer’s languid vocal style and the band’s acoustic sounds, the duo tracked the band down on Soundcloud to find that that they too, were based in Cape Town.

A meeting with the two acts was immediately set up at Goldfish’s studio, which turned into an electrifying jam and writing session, and so a song was born.

Floating effortlessly over hypnotic rhythmic guitars, Chantal’s silky vocal gives the track luxurious depth with Goldfish’s signature organic production style evoking images of a night alone under the stars, juxtaposed with a thumping kick and driving bassline that builds into a Summery chorus you’ll be instantly singing along to. The lyrics point to a searching for something, be it inspiration, answers, closure or hope – in a world full of questions that can be found in the deep of the night.

Between their grueling touring schedule, relocating to San Diego, recording, and surfing in all four corners of the globe, Dom and Dave have been quietly and steadily building a reputation for incendiary lives shows and hyper-catchy releases that are poised to spill them over into the mainstream consciousness.

Deep Of The Night is Out November 25 2016 on Armada Music (World) and Sony Music Africa (Sub Saharan Africa)