Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2016 - GoldFish

Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2016

Shortly after another amazing Concert at our favourite venue in the world: Kirstenbosch, we received this email from

Sarah the Event Manager there:

Thanks you for another  fantastic concert yesterday! It is always such a pleasure having you at Kirstenbosch…

After my discussion with Dom and Marcel yesterday, I went to look up when Goldfish first performed at Kirstenbosch, and I see it was on 26 November 2006. You guys opened that season.

I remember receiving your CD and having it lying on my desk. I knew you from Breakfast Included and knew that you were great musicians, but we weren’t sure about the music genre of Goldfish, which was quite different to the performances we had at Kirstenbosch until then. A student who did an internship in my office at the time, Kath, saw the CD and told me we MUST book Goldfish – the show will definitely sell out. I also remember speaking to Marcel at the time who also encouraged us to book you guys and convinced us that it would work.

I remember a few  things of that first show:
– Lots of young people dancing with a glass of white wine in their hand – white wine appeared to be the fashion amongst the Goldfish fans at that time
– Someone told me that he had never seen so many beautiful people at one concert, and it was true, the crowd was remarkably beautiful
– There were some bewildered faces in the audience, because this performance was indeed a little different to what our regular concert audience was used to at that time. One old lady who was sitting  close to me had her fingers in her ears throughout the concert 🙂

Good luck with all the performances and travels for the rest of the year, and until next summer:-)

Kind regards


Events Manager: Kirstenbosch

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