Everything Is Virtual by GoldFish x Mike Scott - GoldFish

Everything Is Virtual by GoldFish x Mike Scott

collaboration with our long-time animation partner and director behind the majority of our animated Music Videos @mikdog, this piece features an unreleased GoldFish track and artistic commentary on our acceleration towards a deeper artistic experience in this decentralized world.
We stayed out of this space up until now as we shared many of the environmental concerns as you have, but after researching some more we learnt a lot!
We chose the new MOMINT platform because it runs the xDai network, which is a fully staked crypto. That means that no computational load is required to create the NFTs. Because of that, the electricity required to create or transfer the NFTs are next to ZERO. Feel free to go and read more to see how it stacks up agains all the others, even VISA transactions in our bio and stories.
Let us know what you think! Are NFT’s here to stay? Is this like when MP3’s and Napster were  destroying the music industry? Or are we seeing the dawn of a new creative world? Everything is changing!