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Goldfish Rock New Macbook Pros

Goldfish are proud to be using the latest Macbook Pro’s, courtesy of South Africa’s Premium Mac Re-seller, Digicape.

‘The new Macbook Pro quad cores are officially twice the speed of the previous incarnations we were using… and the difference is incredible. We ran our ENTIRE live show, Audio, effects and sync’d visuals all off ONE Macbook at our recent sold-out show in Amsterdam. We were quite nervous as we’d never done it before… and everyone advised us that it was better to spilt the load, but the machine didn’t even react. It was like an aluminium Mr Myagi!’ laughs Dom.

”Seriously though, the Machines seriously do live up to their hype and if you are wanting to work with media of any kind in critical high pressure situations, the new Mac’s will never let you down – and it’s amazing to have the back up and experience of Digicape should we need it” (they haven’t)

” We’re about to kit them out with solid state flash hard drives which will make them even more terrifying” chuckles Dave, his Dr Evil impersonation adding extra gravitas.

Check out to find out more on the new Macbook range.

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