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Perceptions Of Pacha


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  • Type: Album
  • Date: 2008

Good DJ’s and Musicians always start their sets by creating a mood; setting the tone that will define what’s to come. ‘Sold my Soul’, Goldfish’s opening track does just that as the subtly filtered beat meanders in and out for a few bars before dropping into the most gorgeous, effortless groove and you know you’re in for a groovylicious ride that simply makes you want to cry with joy. Do I sound like I’m gushing? Goldfish will do that to you. They’ll make you want to hug the stranger dancing next to you and say, “man, Africa… I just love this place.” A good artist album is a cohesive body of work. The Goldfish groove sticks like superglue! From laidback to downright funked up, electro tinged boogie music, when the disc finishes you’re gonna want to press replay.

Best track: All of them – not one filler. Digipak Format, contains 15 minute live video.

Label: Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd ?– CDCLL7072
Format: CD
Released: Jun 2008
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  1. Sold My Soul    3:51
  2. This Is How It Goes    7:05
  3. Fort Knox    3:18
  4. Hold Tight    6:32
  5. Wet Welly    4:10
  6. Cruising Through    4:17
  7. Just For Tonight    3:16
  8. Soundtracks And Come Backs    5:21
  9. Are You Lulu    8:55
  10. Coming Home    6:08
  11. This Is How It Goes (Radio Edit)    3:31
  12. Cruising Through (Radio Edit)    3:32