Goldfish | Live DJ Band

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After their signing to EMI, Goldfish release a selection of their biggest tunes re-mastered and re-edited, plus two brand new tracks Washing over me and Woman's a Devil all on one album simply entitled: Goldfish.
'It made sense for us to release this album as our first full international release' explains Dom, 'As although we have a lot of existing fans, there are still a lot of people who haven't heard of Goldfish until now. This album gives people who might not be familiar with us a really good insight into Goldfish and what we're about.'
'Actually, when we were listening through all our tracks off our three previous albums, the hardest part was picking which tracks to feature...but we think this is the 'Ultimate' Goldfish album. There are quite a few re-edits and the remastering sounds amazing. We're really happy to give those tracks their chance in the sun. Plus there are two brand new tracks there too, so we can keep even the most hardened Goldfish fan stoked until our next full release early next year.'
'We're also releasing this album on a limited edition Double Vinyl' chips in Dave, 'Which I think we are the most excited about...Every audiophile knows the ultimate way to experience music is on vinyl. Obviously Dom and I are huge sound junkies so it's going to be amazing to crank up the record player and experience the music in this way. It's almost a ritual kind of thing, which has been kind of lost in todays MP3 world. This will be a real collectors item and something for the ultimate Goldfish fan.'

More info and track listing details available here.

Release Info

  • Release Type: Album
  • Release Date: June, 2012
  • Genre: Electronic