Goldfish | Live DJ Band

Sat, 07/08/2010 - 01:30

Once upon a time there were two friends called Dominic Peters and David Poole who lived a life of surfing and playing music in the most southern part of Africa, Cape Town. They decided to record an album. Not having a record deal or much money, they simply locked themselves in a bedroom with a double bass, a saxophone and a couple of synths and recorder “Caught In The Loop” on their own. A charming dance record that received massive support from the international dance music scene, desperate for something fresh and new.
The two guys quickly found themselves on airplanes flying from gig to gig, from Ibiza to Tokyo and from Dubai to Cannes. Gold Fish was and is the hottest thing in dance since the 4/4 beat.They have performed with electronica greats like Fatboy Slim, Mr Scruff, Audio Bullys, Paul van Dyk, Pete Tong and Stereo MC’s.
They even got their hands on a residency to die for; Ibiza super-club Pacha. This is where they developed their sound further and presented it on their second album “Perceptions of Pacha”. As no other album, “Perceptions Of Pacha” captures the funky, carefree vibe of the magical island of Ibiza.
The perfect soundtrack also for an hour in the sun-drenched heat in the grass in front of the Dance Valley Mainstage. Goldfish is a live act you cannot afford to miss.

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