Lyrics: Goldfish – Take back tomorrow

By this time You’re waiting for someone to change your mind it’s passed on by O in your castle you where confined yes you wanted to breakdown the walls and say good bye good bye good bye Shout it out loud it’s your battle cry We’ll take back tomorrow Get your head off your pillow […]

Lyrics: Goldfish – Washing over me

Can you see what youʼve done little sonny’s back on the run Heʼs doing magic and telling lies He is now occupied with the changing of the tide Itʼs no mystery and no surprise The wildest times this friend of mine Could never stop his only crime Was blowing minds which never helped to Change […]

Lyrics: Goldfish – Get busy living

When it’s music that you need and the rhythm’s up to speed put your arms around me when you hear this sound If your passion’s for the beat come on get up off your seat let the sound surround you break the boundaries down, Down Don’t you want to live like you’ve already lived Don’t […]

Lyrics: We come together by Goldfish Featuring Sakhile Moleshe

Written by Sakhile Moleshe, David Poole and Dominic Peters. Hold on we brave the waves don’t fall when the sheriff’s got your back against the wall You’ll become a slave if you fear to brawl that’s why we crave to conquer all You can catch us switching lanes at the break of dawn When the […]

Lyrics: Goldfish – Soundtracks and come backs

I wanna take you to a place not very far from here. Don’t have to travel far a week to let down your hair. It’s the kind of place of place to show your face, where no one cares, What you do or what you say, or what you wear. It’s no secret, you could […]