Lyrics: Hold your kite

You know where I’m going, Your heart becomes ice You tell me don’t go away, But it’s my time I know you’ll be praying for one more night So I can stay near, by your side And I won’t stop holding on, So let me go when I close my eyes I know you’d give […]

Lyrics: Just Me Now by GoldFish and DIMMI

Just Me Now by GoldFish and DIMMI written by David Poole, Dominic Peters and Dimitri Peronno I can’t figure out this crazy world anymore Just a lazy day like every other that was before You went on and on and on without me When I got back the house was empty The trail was cold […]

Lyrics: Talk To Me by GoldFish

Talk To Me by GoldFish Written by David Poole and Dominic Peters Wow I ain’t got nobody Wow My baby got to go Yes I went and i said woman Baby talk to me O baby talk to me O baby talk to me

Lyrics: No One Has To Know

Written by David Poole, Dominic Peters and Ashlyn Wilson We got too much fun Just breaking the rules Yeah we like Causing trouble just me and it’s you Little this little that Roll it up kick it back Come with me watch the sky Fade to black Been awake for a long time Saturday, and […]

Lyrics: Late Night People by GoldFish feat. Soweto Kinch

Hey man hey fellas yes sir I’m talking Your remember that funky time we done had Let me tell you: Funk Master a-number one top ranking The kick be gritty and the bass be stanking Crowd so wild, I think the mic feed backing Tambourine, Pi-anny [Piano], man the track be banging Funky like a […]

Lyrics: Rising Sun

The Rising Sun by GoldFish and Ponitfexx Featuring Gustavo Bertoni I am the night you are the rising sun Show me the light cause now the fun’s begun I’m ready for your ways emancipate The fire’s burning bright lighten the weight I am the night you are the rising sun Been waiting for tonight call […]

Lyrics: If I Could Find

If I could find a new state of mind locked up inside i’m still flying blind If I could find a safe place to hide riding were the world bends or sun sets….but it never ever rests… What any could find I left it behind Lost in the tide just let it subside What she […]

Lyrics: Deep of the night feat. Diamond Thug

If you’ve heard it all before
Don’t tell me anymore
I’ll tell you what I see
It’s a little piece of me
I can’t and I don’t
I don’t know where to go
Well I try, to define
What I’m capable of

Lyrics: Woman’s a devil by Goldfish

In the end you’re just a friend weʼll take it day by day No secret wink no just one drink itʼs coffee all the way If a restaurant is what you want only then Iʼll play along Letʼs do this dance youʼve got one chance, Iʼm a sucker for a song A pretty dress, a […]