Goldfish | Live DJ Band

Kirstenbosch has always held a special place in our hearts. There have been so many great Goldfish memories imprinted into its grounds over the years that it's impossible not to want to add some more. This year was no exception. Ask any band who has been lucky enough to play there in their career, and they'll undoubtably tell you - Kirstenbosch is their favourite show to play. Under Table Mountain, in a National Heritage Site, grass under the feet, good vibes and mellow security, bring your own wine and picnics and have a jam. It doesn't really get any better and it's one of the best bits of experiencing Cape Town. Count your blessings everyone, this isn't metal detectors at the gate and yellow bibbed security pulling health-and-safety on your every move like overseas.

This was our 4th time to have been asked to perform there and always a pleasure to deal with Kirstenbosch and their amazing staff. They are so passionate about what they do and these concerts really go a long way to preserving the incredible bloodbank of biodiversity and flora right on our doorstep in Cape Town. The fact that the presale tickets sold out in under 2 hours should have warned us what we were in for.

We had just come off a crazy weekend of shows in Port Elizabeth and East London, flying back early on the Sunday morning redeye just in time for sound check (4hours sleep is all a real Fish needs right?) and setting up the show. We'd invited the full Goldfish Family to join us, and it was an honour and privilege to have all the amazing singers who feature on Get Busy Living together on one show. Sakhile, Monique and Emily blew us (and the crowd) away with their voices and presence once again - we can't thank you enough, guys.

If you were lucky enough to have been there, you will know it when we say it was an hour fourty-five of hairs on the back of your neck kind of stuff. At least that's what it felt like for us. 

Check out all the amazing photos by Christoph Lenz here:


Thanks to:

Kirstenbosch Gardens, Old Mutual, Sarah Struys, our manager Raymond, Taryn, Sakhile for being our main Ninja(welcome to the family bru!), Monique and Emily for absolutely killing it, Marcel and his team at Audio Engineering for the awesome Sound and AV, our tech Mikey P and of course the incredible crowd for taking time out of their lives to share a moment with us.