Goldfish | Live DJ Band

Last year Cape Town jazzy-house duo Goldfish made a ground-breaking and hugely successful trip to Japan to play a few live shows. This year, they have signed a deal to make their music available on the island!

In a brilliant deal, brokered in conjunction with Goldfish Music and their international Label, Black Mango Music, Goldfish has signed a licensing and distribution deal with the Tokyo based label Rambling Records. The deal also makes them one of the few South Africa artists, and the ONLY electronica artists to have an album released in Japan.

"Dave and Myself are absolutely thrilled with the signing of the Japan deal," grinned Dominic Peters from the band's Cape Town studio where they are busy completing work on their second album, "Rambling Records carry most of our favourite electronica artists, so we are in great company! The Label Execs are also a great bunch of guys and we are happy to be working with them."

The Japanese have a great tradition of creating unique and exclusive Japanese releases, (obviously with the Language and Text differences) but also focusing on unreleased tracks etc, so this release will be packaged differently to the South African and European Goldfish releases, with some new live tracks and live footage for this edition.

"If someone had told me of the success we would have with this album a year ago, I would have laughed," continues Peters, "Now it seems like anything is possible. Not bad for a couple of boys from Cape Town, hey? Who says everything happens in Jozi?"

The deal will see this newly packaged version of "Caught In The Loop" becoming available in Japan still in the first half of 2007. With Goldfish now nearly finished with their second album, there is obviously great promise of opportunity for the future of the band in the Far East as well as other markets.

Goldfish's as yet untitled second album is scheduled for release in mid 2007, so watch the press for details on the Japanese deal as well as the new album release