Goldfish | Live DJ Band

Goldfish are back in the Studio working on new material for 2012.

After a gruelling year on tour all over the world in 2011, the boys are ensconced in their Cape Town studio, surrounded by all their favourite analogue gear, retro instruments and electronic goodies that are a hallmark of the Goldfish sound. 'This is the the stuff that makes us Goldfish' explains Dom, 'So much of Electronic music is squeaky clean, auto-tuned to death and devoid of warmth...sort of like flourecent light. We love rubbing old school samples, dusty wurlitzer and fender rhodes, as well as Double Bass, Saxophones, Piano and Flute into the Electronic side of what we do. It's hard to get the balance right but when we do it's like accidently stumbling on the recipe for Gold!'

Apparently they get this alchemic mix right more often than not, judging by the response to the new tracks they have been testing out at their regular Submerged Sunday's residency at St Yves. 

'Being in Cape Town and recording is almost like a holiday for us' says Dave. 'We spent so much time on tour last year, it just feels so amazing to wake up in your own bed and head off to the studio, go for a surf, play a cool gig in our hometown...these are the things that allow you to get into a creative headspace where you can do your best work.' 

Since signing a worldwide deal with EMI in October last year, Goldfish have been putting together a body of work that is cohesive of the Goldfish sound, containing tracks from all three of their previous albums as well as new material to introduce Goldfish to the world. 'Having the muscle of EMI behind us is such a great thing as we know we have the material, it's just been a well kept secret in some cases. We're excited to be able to showcase a body of work to people who may not have discovered Goldfish up until watch out World!' grins Dom. 

Look out for more behind the scenes clips from the studio in the weeks and months to come and for up-to-the-minute tweets be sure to follow Goldfish on Twitter Here