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Review of the Goldfish show at The Coronet theatre,London on 29 October 2010 from

By Jessica_dunn

You may or may not know that a coronet is a small crown with ornaments attached. Well this Friday night I am attending said crown (Coronet Theatre) and the jewel attached is up-and-coming jazz electro band Goldfish. The place is jammed and I can smell the anticipation. These guys won eight awards at the South African Music Awards and seem to be an injection of life into the electronic music scene. We're here tonight to celebrate the release of their third album, 'Get Busy Living'.

The gig starts in explosive style. The two tumble on stage and immediately take to the decks and a sawn off double bass respectively: I'm not quite sure what that's about but the beat is immediately up-tempo. To accompany their jazzy electro is a series of animations and edited film which in my eyes is as good as the music itself and integral to the performance. There's a mixture of cute, musically timed cartoons set to newest single, the album's title track 'Get Busy Living'. As well as clips of Charlie Chaplin, some dude in a swim suit, and a girl stuck in a ladder, there's also clips from more modern film in keeping with the theme of each song. And of course let's not forget the 'Fishies' themselves, who're 100% tuned to the audience and shuffling around behind that jazzy pile-up like it's their last dance.

The crowd are definitely drinking it in. It's 10pm and people are hurling themselves round in encouragement – it's testament to the quality of the performance, and yes I will join in. They go from a slightly more gentle selection of jazz instruments, including saxophone, double bass and, yes of course, jazz flute (what performance would be complete without that little gem?), to a more full-on Ibiza-style club set. The instruments now play over a concoction of mixing and live vocals to great praise. By now I have the entirety of my vodka tonics down the front of my dress, but I guess what's important is that the guy in front of me, twirling and lurching, is having a good time, actually so am I.

It could almost be said that there's too much of an eclectic mix, with a collection of different instruments, vocals, samples, synths and the odd shout out (which truthfully I could lose but the crowd are loving it) but somehow it works. These guys have an infectious energy and you can't help but bob around from start to finish. I always have respect for people who are musically talented, and these guys undoubtedly are: with an array of jazz instruments and mixing skills you can see why they've been ripping up the clubs in Ibiza as well as the rest of the world. Look out for them. This is just the beginning.

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